The Catholic Women Shine online course is closed for now. Thank you to everyone who joined!
You can still get the
Catholic Women Shine Planner!
What if you could wake up knowing you'd get the important stuff done?

Imagine going to bed confident that you crushed your day!

It isn't about to-to lists. Is isn't about spreadsheets.
It isn't even about planners (although I have an amazing one for you!)

It's about living intentionally and cultivating peace.
Focusing on your faith, your family, and the stuff saints are made of.

That's what this goals program is about. 

It's about deciding what matters and protecting that from all the distractions the world is going to throw at you.

​​​​​​​It's about letting the light of Christ shine through you when you focus on what matters.
I learned how important and necessary it is to adjust your goals/plan periodically. It has helped me overcome the "defeated" mentality. It has been a HUGE growth spurt for me.
- Kathleen
Shine Goals Planner
This planner was made for you and it was made with love.
It was made to help you find peace and clarity in your life.
Space to throughly review the previous year.
12 pages of instructions for setting realistic goals that are grounded in Christ! I cram a lot of wisdom in those 12 pages!
A Goal Ranking system to help you figure out which goals really should be your top priority!
Space to write down your Annual Goals including 13 questions to make sure you have a rock solid plan for carrying out these goals.
90-Day Goal tracking to give you a more focused plan for tackling your goals in the upcoming season.
Two-Week Sprint pages to help you craft a morning/evening routine, theme each day and build a momentum of wins.
NOTE: Due to problems with the printer, journal may not arrive until 2nd or 3rd week of January.
And my favorite feature... IT HAS NO DATES!
That's right, you can start this planner any time you want. If for any reason (not that anyone would do this of course) you forget about it for a while... you can pick it right back up again and you haven't lost any space in the planner!
Go Ahead and Check It Out
Sterling helped me discern the big goals for the year and then break them down into actionable items. Step by step, she guided the process with personal stories that were so encouraging. She gave me practical tips to know if you were going off course in your daily goals to help you redirect and get back on track. She makes the goal setting process achievable and real. She showed me a way to incorporate Jesus into this potential life changing activity and I am so thankful for that. He needs to be in the center of discerning such an important personal inventory and account and in the forming of a plan of action.
It's your time to SHINE.
You can get your copy of the Shine Planner right now!
Spiral Bound Shine Goals Planner
3 day shipping!
Set Your Annual Goals
Set your 90-day Goals
Stay focused with 2-week sprints!

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